For Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, who goes by “Will WW” …


The good people of Worcester have come together to save the good people of Worcester from Worcester Wonderland blogger Will WW, whom we outed (it’s Calude Dorman, 57 years old, of 38 Sever St., Worcester) a few months ago. 

For all the times you (falsely) accused Bob B. of being a sexual predator, for all the crumby letters you sent to city officials re: former Worcester City Councilor Dennis Irish (just because you couldn’t get a tax abatement on your home which you are now trying to sell at an inflated price), for all the threats you’ve leveled at readers, for all the cookies/spyware you’ve attached to your website, for all the fake (libelous) letters you email to folks all over the city under other people’s names/email addresses … and for underestimating the “Three Stooges” and ICTimes! – this poster is for you, Claude-o!

– R. Tirella

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