Fourth of July special, courtesy of the Worcester Police Department!

By Rosalie Tirella

How sad this had to happen right before the Fourth of July:

About three or so days ago, a guy and a Worcester cop were infront of a Worcester pharmacy – the guy getting arrested. The guy gives some lip service to one of Worcester’s finest as he’s being arrested, and the Nazi – I mean Worcester Police Officer – would have none of the guy’s sass. So what did the cop do? He pounced on the guy and began whacking him in the balls! Again and again! And after he was finished, he swung his arm around several times – as if to say: Whew! That took a lot outa me! Gotta stretch the ol’ muscles!

“Happy Fourth of July, Worcester! 

– body blows and kisses from the WPD!”

What the WPD tells Worcesterites when it regresses like this: You say something we don’t like (even in the most public of places, where everyone can watch) and we kick the crap outa you!  Forget about your brandishing a gun or the rules that say we have to restrain you if you are putting up a fight – we will assault you.

The Worcester Police Department makes a mockery of everything America’s founding fathers/mothers stood for.

Yup! Let’s keep paying these thugs thousands of dollars to acquire a college degree, “higher education,” under the Quinn Bill! 

Why is police brutality such a problem in America? Why do police troopers in Fitchburg shoot a guy and kill him (as he sits in his car) and not disable his vehicle or him (shoot at his arms or legs for cripe’s sake!).

Last year I saw a Worcester police officer directing traffic across the street from the registry of motor vehicles (Madison Street/old Holiday Inn area). He was at a construction site getting paid $50 an hour when we can get a civilian flag waver to do the job for much less dough like they do in every other state (except one) in America … . But I digress! Back to the police officer at the construction site! He is at the site, and a woman (black) begins to drive through (without, unfortunately, his go-ahead). Well, the cop goes balistic! I see his face get red from where I’m sitting in traffic (across the street). The Worcester cop runs up to the black woman’s car, slams his fists on the hood of her car and starts screaming!

Does half of the WPD suffer from some form of post traumatic stress disorder? Anything seems to trigger a verbal/physical assault of some kind from many of our cops. Should some of these guys take early retirement and do the citizens of Worcester a favor?

Here’s hoping the guy who was kicked in the balls files charges against the Worcester cop. Here’s hoping Police Chief Gary Gemme does the right thing.

This is why Worcester needs a civilian review board when it comes to Worcester Police Department shenanigans, misdemeanors and … CRIMES.

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