Friday not-so-funnies …

Donald Trump addresses CPAC in 2014. We were forewarned! It was all there: Trump’s blatant disrespect for women (watch this married fat slob hit on a woman in the front row – before the crowd and TV camera. It’s ok cuz he’s a billionaire!); Trump’s desire to cut immigration in half – more politically than racially motivated (reduces number of Democrats!, Trump crows); his arrogance, the braggadocio, the flamboyance, the money-obsession. The promise of great jobs for every American. .. His bizarre charisma in full, toxic bloom. Preening … His fake straight-shooter persona; his bombastic, teleprompter-free blabbing. Easy to see why this asshole political genius?! got elected.

– Rose T.


The trash lot heading into Crompton Park, on the corner of Sigel and Bigelow streets. Go, Worcester! Yesterday:

pics: R.T.




Wow. WoMag swallowed by Gate House media. The kiss of death. Layoffs to come to recoup some of the sale price. More uninspired and uninspiring management bots.

For years, in my opinion, WM was a real … drag. But so-so staff believed: we’re the bees knees! Now? Under the penny-pinching Gate House crew, they’re tragic. … The newspapering life we all love is mostly gone. Unless you’re the great (The) New York Times, it’s a Snap Chat world! Smaller fonts, smaller pages, smaller world views … 😒


Make it 2018: