From my kitchen table to my turntable …








Listening to one of my fave lps this a.m. – SOME GIRLS by the Rolling Stones. Good feelings this morning! There sits my fantastic album, next to my great fall boots I will be wearing soon – the tall ones to the right that look like riding boots. To the far right sits the urn where my late mom (much loved!!) rests – all in my kitchen, with my coffee and MISS YOU blaring out my Quinsig Village apartment window.

SOME GIRLS is the  Stones I like best: rough and sexy but romantic and so so so soulful:

“Hey, what’s the matter, man?

“We’re gonna come around the square

“”With some Puerto Rican girls just dying to meet you!”

But Mick sings:

“It’s just you and no one else … Lord, I miss you, chil’!”

… The music is so spectacular it swallows the spectacular lyrics right up!

– R. Tirella

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