From Ron – in front of his building today🗽: MAIN SOUTH STRONG! – George Floyd peaceful protest!🇺🇸

Ol’ pal and writer Ron O’Clair sent me all this now, knowing I care, even if he is a conservative and doesn’t so much. Still, a friend of mine. – Rose T.



Super busy – I have to go to the other property out in Springfield and have no time to write anything at this point – but there was a HUGE parade of people that went by my building (The Charlton, Main South) chanting such things as: “No Justice, No peace” “Black Lives Matter” “Hands up, don’t shoot” and the other usual …

Anyway, here are some nice photos of the beginning, which I have on my security system to the end; then I got some shots of individual groups coming back in the pouring rain who were actually those who left early, as the whole rest of them came marching back after that.

I did not have the time to get any photos of the return parade. However, it is also on my security surveillance and, when I have more time, I can access it to take some stills.

Anyway I know this is an issue you care deeply about and thought you would like to have the photos at the very least. I really have to get out to Springfield, so I will see you another time. Perhaps I can write a story on my take on this when I come home.


At least, unlike other places, we don’t usually get the violence, looting and burning that other communities have after these “peaceful protests.”

They did try that at Clark a few nights ago, lighting fires and such, but our police put a stop to that REAL quick. The Dean of Clark was pissed at our WPDepartment, but I am glad we will not allow our city to burn because of these people and their mistaken belief that starting destruction will ever take root here. It is not going to be allowed to get to that point.

– Ron