From the Worcester NAACP branch: Let Worcesterites decide if they want a strong mayor form of govt

This past Monday (7/14) the executive committee of the Worcester NAACP voted to support the efforts of the WLCC (Worcester Labor-Community Coalition), of which this branch is an active member.

We are asking the [Worcester] city council to delay the hiring of a new city manager, so that a dialogue can take place on whether Worcester should continue with a strong city manager or change to a strong mayor type of city government.  

The WLCC decided to pursue this endeavor after reviewing results of recent poll it had commissioned at special called Monday (7/14) meeting.

The poll results included responses to the importance the role city government plays in the economic development.

While there was a near tie between those supporting city manager/strong mayor government, along with the numbers showing those that could not decide one way or the other.   Eighty eight percent felt that there needs to be a process that allowed the voters to have input and decide the matter for the future government of Worcester.  

 There is a planned press release this coming Monday releasing results of the poll to the public.  There will be presentations made at the city council meeting the following Tuesday (July 22nd), to request that they support the stated objectives.

We encourage those that support this vote by the executive committee to attend that city council meeting.