From The Worcester Tree Initiative! Fill out the TREE survey!

Initial Estimates of Tree Health In!

More Responses Needed!

Last month we began sending out a survey concerning tree health to all of our tree recipients. Of the people who received the email about 10% have responded. Thus far our results are heavily weighted by recipients who report that their trees are doing very well, which we have happily been able to confirm in large part through an in person check with some respondents. But even if your trees aren’t doing well, we still want to hear from you. Each person’s experience helps us to learn more about how to improve our tree giveaway program.

So whether you came to the first giveaway at Burncoat High School on April 25, 2009, or the most recent giveaway at Worcester State University, or any of the giveaways in between we want to hear from you. It has been a joy to see the oldest trees really starting to take hold and getting big. It is also understandable that not every tree survives and we need that information as well. So please answer the survey if you haven’t already. On average it takes about 5 minutes to complete. Please follow the link below and fill in the information as well as you can.

And for those of you who have filled out the survey; thank you so much! Your input has been so valuable to our program. With it we’re coming to understand how well our trees are doing, what we’ve done well, and what we can change for the better.

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