Gerardi’s Auto Service Center at Tatnuck Square (Pleasant Street), Worcester: They’re Cheats!

By Rosalie Tirella

Owner Gerardi, pictured, and helper “Laughing Mike,” right: despicable. pics: R.T.

Gerardi’s Auto Service Center at Tatnuck Square (Pleasant Street), Worcester: What cheats! What scammers! What RIP-OFF ARTISTS. NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN! … My car got a rejection sticker from them a month or so back. I made the fixes on my car: got and installed a new tie rod and the tire was replaced. My car drives like a charm now – a CECELIA customer/mechanic did the job. Wonderful work! I didn’t give the job to Girardi’s but to a friend/CECELIA customer who’s supported my feisty lil’ rag and website for almost two decades.

A WEST SIDE staple?

So today baldy fathead father owner Girardi and Laughing Mike (Mike can’t stop laughing at me) give me another rejection sticker. They say: New tire isn’t perfect. Not good enough! Oh and there’s other stuff…I SAID: Hold your horses, a*sholes! IT’S ILLEGAL TO GIVE A CAR A REJECTION STICKER FOR TWO THINGS AND THEN, after its owner goes to another garage for the repairs, you guys come up with more stuff to fix! As punishment!

Another report for Mass Attorney General’s Office

Who are these Girardi garbage guys? Why do they work on Tatnuck Square? Can’t believe the ladies of WORCESTER’S WEST SIDE let them get away with the cheating and double dipping!

… As I was getting into my car to drive out of their dump – they kept my car in their bay extra long just to be jerks – on my way to write this mini-column, baldy owner Gerardi yells to Laughing Mike – “She’ll have to pay us for the next sticker!”

Like hell I will.

Mike wouldn’t give me my car out of their work bay. Just kept laughing!