Gifts for pets … and a song

By Deb Young
Sixty-two percent of U.S. households have pets, according to a 2011 survey by the American Pet Products Association. Many of these furry friends also will get a little something extra under the tree this holiday season.
All though they may not be able to unwrap presents with their paws,something special is guaranteed to earn you extra kisses and snuggles.
No matter the dog breed, these dog gift ideas are always a hit.
The basic idea: choose something that benefits the dog and the dog owner. Because happy dogs make happy owners (and vice versa).
Some gift ideas:
1. No pull Harnesses, If you have a dog that likes to pull on walks, it might be time to try . Theyare favorites of professional dog trainers around the world.
Your walks will be more enjoyable and in turn, you’ll probably end up walking your dog more often.
2. Doggles , Protective eyewear for dogs ,Whether he’s riding on the back of a bike or in a boat, make sure Rover’s eyes are properly protected.
3. Kongs are great for mental stimulation , Remember, don’t make it too hard for dogs who are soft. Keep the stuffing to their levels, or they will get frustrated and not try.
4. Clothes for dogs,  If you are still on the fence, consider this: Sure, dogs come equipped with their own external layering system, but some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others, and some are not genetically suited to the environments in which they find themselves transplanted. So your dog may in fact be extremely uncomfortable with the winter temperatures , as uncomfortable as you would be if you went outside without clothing.
5. Home made treats, The fact is, dog treats can be expensive. Plus, the ingredients in them aren’t always best for your dog. Commercial dog treats can have preservatives, food coloring and other things that you may not want your dog to eat.

That being the case, making your own homemade dog treats can be one of the best ways to not only be sure of what you are feeding your dog, but it can actually save you money too. Thousands of recipes can be found online.

For felines..
1. Thermal cat cushion, this is a comfy, cozy place for your cat to sleep. As kitty curls up in it, the cushion is warmed by his own body heat.
2. Expandable Cat Tunnel, Cats love to play and this multi-colored tunnel is great for hide and seek.
3. Feline “Greenies” , nothing is better or easier in promoting good dental care. These are textured treats that will also help scrape away tarter and cats love them.
4. Cat Cottage,This is top of the line! A 2-story decorated cottage, extra strong, accommodating cats up to 20 pounds. Includes two top floor lookouts, four hide and seek windows and two bottom level entry doors.
5. Laser light, You can get one at Wal-Mart, Petco, or probably any store that sells cat toys and supplies for under $10. This is a good way to engage your cat in interactive play with you.


And for 2013 … try to eat way less meat … or go veggie! A song by one of our fave vegetarians (you thought we were gonna pick Paul McCartney, didn’t you?) Click on link below. – R. Tirella

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