Giving thanks at the Boulevard Diner!

Text+pics by Rosalie Tirella

Today @ the Boulevard

An urban oasis of love!

Thanksgiving at The Boulevard♥️ Diner! The sweetest waitresses – the tastiest veggies – the most grateful, polite customers!

Becky and the girls☕

Wonderful volunteers

You went out into the nippy November day and your heart was chilled. You entered the Bully, like it was a chore. Photos for your Thanksgiving Day photo essay.

Inside … magic!

You sit at the “Bully” counter with the other guests …

You “order” a big plate of carrots, peas, squash, potatoes, a mug of coffee – cream, please, because it is Thanksgiving. You skip the bird out of your love for birds and all animals. Becky serves you your meal, smiling, happy to be with family, friends, the community.

Soon Becky and the gals’ (volunteer waitresses today) goodness washes over you. Son Chris is helping out, too. …


… You see Becky and the Boulevard family treat Worcester’s needy, sitting in the booths or at the counter, like family, so sweetly – with such care – and professionalism! The real kings and queens of Worcester! More turkey? More gravy? A meal to take home? they ask their customers, many homeless young adults with stuffed backpacks and plastic bags filled with their clothing. This upsets you! You feel: They are too young for this – where is Worcester’s affordable housing?! They are just beginning their lives – where is Worcester’s living wage jobs for all? (You donated a Marshalls tote bag filled with shirts, socks, fuzzy bathrobe, jacket … Other folks brought in handmade knit scarves and hats – or pumpkin and apple pies!)

Some of the guests are astounded at the waitresses’ generosity! And the portions!! They smile as they eat. More coffee? Another roll? the volunteer waitresses ask them. No, thank you! they say. I may have to take some of this home!

Jim and manager Lisa cooked most of the food – including the turkeys😢 – early in the morning, at Jim’s church. Then they brought all the prepared food to the Bully. Jimmy, tired, is napping in the van now.

You begin to feel warm and cozy in the snug East Side diner! Everyone is smiling and so happy! You feel grateful and content, too. Some people want to donate a dollar or fiver to the diner as a thank you gift! Nope! Becky and the gals say! No money, please! There is no money in the cash register today! They sound giddy as they say this! They know they are blessed. They work hard to be successful, but they give back, too. Worldly but innocent! Strong yet vulnerable! Just like Jesus wants! We are in this life – at the Bully – TOGETHER!