Goals and wishes

Imalay, her mom and baby💕

By Imalay Guzman

Often people promise to change once a new year comes, not knowing that change comes with life experiences. To embrace change and let things fall where they are supposed to, like pieces of a puzzle. Eventually, with time, it all comes together. This past year I accomplished so much, so I’m beyond ready for what this new year has in store.

What I want for this new chapter of my life is only to be successful. I need to succeed in all that I am currently working on. I was blessed with an opportunity to work for the City of Worcester as an intern, and now my goal is to obtain the position permanently. This past holiday season left me with a few extra pounds, although I needed to work on my weight before I made it an obligation to push myself to lose at least 45 pounds or so. Having children is a constant hole in your pocket, from diapers to after school programs or even personal necessities, but to save money is the ultimate plan.

When it comes to my kids, my resolution for them is for them to help me do chores around the house, like clean up their room or pick up stuff around the house, and to make sure their home work is done everyday after school. My husband is incarcerated so it’s been difficult for my kids to cope with his absence. As their mother, I am working with them so they can learn how to identify their feelings and be able to cope with the situation in a healthy manner. Having a significant other who was there as your backbone and only support system gone is painful. But like any other hard working intelligent woman, I learn how to deal with life as it comes and just do the best I can

I made a routine that works and I will stick by it: In the morning I wake up at 6 a.m., so I can get the little ones washed up, fed and dressed for school. Once I drop my oldest off at school, I make my way to work, were I feel like I am making a major difference in people’s life. I currently intern in administrative work at Work Force Central. There I set up appointments, receive and make out-bound phone calls, fax and make copies and instruct a seminar on the services we provide in Spanish. After I finish up at work, I go home and begin my mommy duties. I start to clean and prepare for supper. I also help my daughter with her homework. I do this every day except on weekends. The weekend I set aside for laundry and organizing for the week ahead.

Having to balance personal goals for yourself and your family can be exhausting, especially when the father figure is missing and mommy has to become mommy and daddy. I know this isn’t new – there are many women in the world that don’t have the option of having a father figure around. When it comes down to it, not much can be done except to have faith and hope that everything is going to work itself out.

As far as my personal goal to lose weight, I’m already on a diet. It includes baking fish and/or chicken, with an excessive amount of vegetables on the side! When I wake up, I have a tall glass of water and go about my day continuing to keep myself hydrated. At the end of my day, I eat a decent amount of protein and veggies. This diet teaches me self-control and helps shrink my tummy.

I’ve been learning how to save money. It’s something that was not taught at home, and I’m hoping that in the end it rubs off on my kids. In the long run, everything I do affects my kids, and they learn from everything they see. I want to peruse this year in a positive way; although my plate is full, this is only going to make me stronger. I’m praying that the end of this year my husband gets to come home so we can pick up where we left off.