Good job, Paul Clancy!

By Rosalie Tirella

We are never thrilled with District City Councilor Paul Clancy. He didn’t give a hoot for Quinsig Village during the Big Dig (remember the city dump he kept open so Worc. (esp. QVillage) could accept all that waste from Boston?) And he has done little to make the Village beautiful after the 146 Connector project has pretty much stuffed a once cute little blue collar neighborhood with cars, 18-wheelers and thousands of automobiles a day! Thanks for all the pollutants, pollution, asthma, Paul!

And Quinsig Villagers/Worcesterites are still waiting for our freakin’ dog park, which was supposed to be located in the area! A gift from the city for taking all Boston’s garbage and putting up with the 146 Connector.  (Where’s the $$?) Another promise broken by the city.

But I digress … .

At last night’s City Council meeting, Paul Clancy was impressive! He finally called Holy Cross College on its refusal to support the city via  PILOT payments. He asked City Manager Mike O’Brien to put a stick of dynamite under HC president Father McFarland’s bony butt so that HC can start paying the city for all its services – just like WPI, Clark University and MCPHS. (really a small donation) Clancy pointed out that the City of Worcester/state spent “millions” of dollars on the McKeon Road fire station that sits in the back of the college. Sure, Clancy said, Holy Cross donated the land, but a state of the art fire station practically sits on the HC campus! Then he went on to say that all the road work that was done along College Square was paid for by federal and stae tax dollars – not Holy Cross. More great work that the school cannot say thanks for a job well done! Here is some money to help your city succeed!

Clancy said Holy Cross is the “800 lb gorilla” in the PILOT program.

Yes, we agree, Paul. HC does look bad – does stand out for its self-absorption and greed.

Clancy also noted that the PILOT money Holy Cross would give the city would be used to advance education in Worcester: it would go to the Worcester Public Library! I find it heartbreaking to drive by the library on Salem Square on a Sunday or Monday and find it CLOSED. Closed! On weekends when kids could have a great time visiting! And on Mondays when they get all their homework. What about the kids without a computer at home? Or Internet?  Or even books to read?

Holy Cross should remember these disadvantaged kids even as it continues to drag its well-shod feet. Their donations could help those kids.

Here’s hoping Paul Clancy can help make them see the light! He seems motivated!

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