Got a reaction to Cecelia Mason’s prison corruption story …

By Rosalie Tirella

… that I posted here yesterday. A person emailed me. Asked me not to run his/her name. Has a relative in SB prison in Shirley. Wrote to me: God! The stuff I have heard! I can’t share, for I fear for my relative’s safety. … The person also works in an emergency room in a Worcester medical center. Says a woman came in to where she worked; said she was incarcerated at MCI Framingham. She told the medical worker that while she was at the Framingham prison (for women only) she saw a guard bring in heroin to a female inmate (a heroin addict) in exchange for sex. Can you imagine! Being a junky in Worcester must be brutal enough. But to be a junky at MCI Framingham! To be at the mercy of some sicko who is employed by the state of Massachusetts and works at a state facility!

I suppose we all, on some level, know this sort of hellish, deeply exploitative scene occurs over and over in prisons throughout the world. Many folks feel: They’re junkies. The lowest of the low. They deserve their hell.

Nope! Wrong! Society is punishing drug addicts, many of whom have untreated mental illnesses or/and have had horrific childhoods/past lives, for unacceptable/illegal behavior by incarcerating them, TAKING AWAY THEIR FREEDOM TO LIVE IN SOCIETY, THE COMMUNITY. THAT IS PUNISHMENT ENOUGH.

No woman, or man, needs to be further damaged or traumatized while being in a county or state prison. Anywhere.

This spring let’s see the state deal with THE TRUTH that Cecelia Mason and this medical worker are showing us. NO MORE PRISON HELL HOLES!

Call it our spring project – we know some gals plant gardens or repurpose old furniture – WE will be calling MCI Framingham and the S.B. prison in Shirley to get to the bottom of the ROTTEN PRISON GUARD disease.

Not all prison guards give smack to female inmates in exchange for sex. Not all prison guards throw the rule book out the window and commit crimes WHILE BEING PAID BY THE TAXPAYERS OF MASSACHUSETTS.

But we want the evil apples dug out … and dismissed.

Stay tuned …

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