Great new mural in downtown Worcester!

Today I spied … this  colorful mural on the side of the old Telegram and Gazette building.  Kinda abstract … I saw some trees, some birds (?) in this huge mural in the alley, off Franklin Street. This whole area, across from our city common,  is supposed to be part of the new arts-and-college students theme of (a part of) downtown Worcester. Woo is tryin to woo the young ‘uns!  The concept is pretty good bait!

The building is now home to QCC  – especially its health care students. There will be a theater on the ground floor, too, as well as space for local entrepreneurs (start-ups). In this “arts alley” the City of Worcester hopes to house small, unique local businesses, art stalls, food stalls …

Sounds great to us! The second-largest city in New England deserves a REAL downtown. The Heart in the Heart of the Commonwealth!

I love how the artist signed his work of art – to his kid, Parker! “Love, Daddy.” Very nice!!

– Rosalie Tirella