Green Island’s Crompton Park was a “donation”?

Lorraine Laurie’s article about Crompton Park [InCity Times, August 7, 2015] was excellent.

However, I was surprised and somewhat shocked to learn that the land [for Crompton Park] was purchased.

I always thought it was donated, hence the naming after the Crompton family.   
This is what that purchase price of $44K+ is worth today:
$44,350 of 1888 dollars would be worth $1,108,750.00 in 2015
$44,350 of 2015 dollars would be worth $1,774.00 in 1888.   

I don’t know if this was the great philanthropic deal it was made out to be, or I mistakenly thought it was for  all these  years.

True, the City of Worcester paid for it, and  Green Island was definitely the beneficiary; but wasn’t it swampland?  
I’m not sure what the current asking price for the Wymann Gordon parcel is, but wasn’t it around the same amount, plus clean up fees?

Maureen Schwab 
via the Internet