Greetings, 2021!!

By Edith Morgan


Many of us would agree: we are so happy to be leaving 2020 at last! It was surely a terrible year, at least as of March, when finally we knew we would have to subject ourselves to extreme measures to outwit the coronavirus (COVID 19). It came on top of nearly four years of watching all that we cherished slowly being dismantled by Trump and all the values we held dear being trampled and ignored,

For me personally, there were a couple of bright spots: I made it to my 90th birthday, and even though it came in the midst of the demands of the virus, it turned out to be a wonderful day filled with balloons, beautiful cupcakes, and two hours of “drive-by” visits from friends, neighbors and old acquaintances – many of whom I had not seen in some time.

The other bright spot was the election of the Biden/Harris team – though by a much smaller majority than I had hoped for. But otherwise, it was a time of constantly holding our collective breaths, wondering what insanities would emanate from our White House, and how it would affect us all, now and in the future. But “hope springs eternal,” and we all heaved a sigh of relief, as the prospect of getting back to some semblance of normalcy seemed truly ahead.

The enforced aloneness of the 10 months was not a total loss for me: I got a lot of reading and thinking done, and got to know my neighbors better, as we helped each other out in new ways. But I expect to continue to wear may facial masks (I have quite an interesting collection now!), wash my hands, and distance myself at home and while shopping or running the few errands to places still open.

Since most everyone I know is not in the top 10%, who made out like bandits in the past four years, I had to be careful financially, and live frugally. But at least, at my age, I have my house paid off and do not face eviction or foreclosure like so many in America.

And now, in 2021, we have to beware of expecting too much too soon; history is replete with examples of how changes, revolutions, popular uprisings lost out to their enemies because they turned on those trying to fix things because change did not come soon enough, or fully enough. It took years fo fill the swamp we saw created around us, and it will not be drained and cleaned out over night. But at least we are on the way …

And while we are draining our political and financial swamp, the good news is that there is at least one viable prevention for the virus – and at least some millions of the first batch are on their way to those who most need it. I expect to continue wearing my masks, washing my hands, and avoiding strangers and groups – and wiping off everything anything anyone else may have touched or used. Most of us probably will not get the shots until well into spring or even that more vaccine can be gotten out to all who want it.

The economy wil slowly struggle back: I have been amazed at the creativity of many who immediately saw how to fulfill a need not there before: Overnight, making masks has become an industry: “Zooming” and “Skyping’ enable us to see and speak with each other without physical contact; the ingenuity of the people will continue to provide us with new answers to live well in this new world that is taking shape before us.

So many more of us have become aware and active in the running of our Government – I believe many have learned much more about how it all works.

Do I dare hope that 2021 wil really be so much better for us all?