Happy Memorial Day! … Why not serve Chef Joey’s salad at the cookout?

Super easy, for your Memorial Day get together!

ICT_Yum Yums-edited

Text and photos by Chef Joey

Caprese Salad

Caprese salad can be an easy serve or a self-serve!

The Easy Way!

capreseYes, Chef Joey made this beautiful salad!

The easy way is tomatoes and mozzarella, over greens, mixed with basil and a balsamic drizzle, olive oil and some salt.

Individual Servings:

caprese2And he made this one, too! So cool!

Mini mozzarella balls, cherry tomato and a dusting of basil – speared into a half of a watermelon! Once assembled, SPRAY with an olive oil mister and sprinkle some salt.

EASY! Enjoy! Happy holiday!