Harrison Street fix-up project!

So many times it’s the connected few, the out-of-town big mouths or the phony social media savvy p.r. types who hog the spotlight in Worcester! But there are so many more folks in Woo doing great things – and never getting the credit they deserve! Because they are poor, or aren’t on facebook or don’t like computers or don’t have time to call attention to themselves … Because they are too busy with jobs, kids, dogs, parents, family, church! Here’s a great (pretty gorgeous!) guy making a first-floor front porch of a three decker in Union Hill – one of Woo’s most challenged inner-city neighborhoods – BEAUTIFUL! He gave us a huge thumbs up as we snapped his pic!  Go, gorgeous Harrison Street guy, go!!!        – R. Tirella


My mom was one of those super busy inner-city parents (single mom)/worker bees who never got any credit for all her wonderful deeds! I was listening to one of her fave singers the other day – PATTI PAGE. Here’s the song she used to sing around our Lafayette Street three decker flat.  I hadn’t heard it in years, DECADES! But when I put the lp on my turntable (found the album on the side of the road a few weeks ago), and listened to THE TENNESSEE WALTZ, I KNEW ALL THE WORDS!