Hate Ringling for what it does to magnificent wild animals? We do, too! Here are some scheduled protests …

Local gal Deb Young is going gangbusters on our circus fb page, here on our website. To learn EVERYTHING about wild animals forced to “perform” in circuses and other traveling shows, click on our circus Facebook page. It’s updated all the time! 

CLICK HERE to see it!

This info is from our fb page …

PLEASE attend one or more of these PROTESTS!

Let Ringling know you don’t want wild animals chained; confined in poorly ventilated train box cars for, on average, 26 HOURS; fed garbage; forced to live lives TOTALLY alienated from the natural world!

See you at Sunday’s protest outside the DCU Center!

– R. Tirella

If a protest has not yet been planned for your area, read our Protesting Guide and then contact us for assistance with getting set up. [Click on InCity Times circus fb page!]


October 1-4 Manchester, NH Ringling Bros.

October 1-4 Everett, WA Ringling Bros.

October 1-12 Denver, CO Ringling Bros.

October 4 Waynesville Asheville, NC Waynesville Fairgrounds

October 9-10 Spokane, WA Ringling Bros.

October 10 Worcester, MA Ringling Bros.

October 14-18 Boston, MA Ringling Bros.

October 16-18 St Louis, MO Ringling Bros

October 16-18 Des Moines, IA Ringling Bros.

October 21-25 Cleveland, OH Ringling Bros.

October 22-25 Bridgeport, CT Ringlng Bros.

October 29-Nov 1 Toledo, OH Ringling Bros.

November 5 Rosemont, IL Ringling Bros

November 4-8 Pittsburgh, PA Ringling Bros.

November 12 Independence, MO Shrine Circus

November 11-15 Auburn Hills, MI Ringling Bros.

November 18-29 Chicago, IL Ringling Bros.

November 19-22 Youngstown, OH Ringling Bros.

December 3-6 Indianapolis, IN Ringling Bros.

December 30-January 2 Huntsville, AL Ringling Bros.

February 6 WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR CECIL sponsored by CompassionWorks International (see main listing for individual event listings)