Help the United States Postal Service! …+ more🐾

By Edith Morgan


Senator Mitch McConnell sent the U.S. Senate home, so they are not going to be around to bail out the United States Postal Service – USPS. President Donald Trump has said he is holding up funds so that the USPS will not be able to deliver voter absentee ballots in time to meet state deadlines for the presidential election.

And just to be sure that voters’s ballots will not be able to be counted in time, the newest incompetent to be appointed by Trump is making sure that the USPS counting machines are slowed down or removed, postal workers are fired, USPS drop boxes are removed so voters must go to the post office to mail their ballots and so on and so on.

Everything that can be done to cripple this vital service has been done by Trump and his enablers. Their only aim is to retain power and use it for their own enrichment and gain.

So, are we the people then totally helpless? Absolutely not! But it will take concerted action, focus on what is really important for us all, and no delay. November 3 – election day – is so close!

All is not lost. We still have polls opening on Election Day. So even in some states we may have to stand in line a long time, six feet apart, with mask and gloves. Let us make this sacrifice wherever we have to. Bring a folding chair, water to drink, snacks and some reading material, or some electronic device to entertain you – and stay in line for as long as it takes. Good neighbors will surely bring you coffee, or cold drinks …

Here in Massachusetts we are fortunate in having extended early voting days, and we also continue to have plenty of polling places open, and local government giving out good information about the proper voting dates, times and locations. So at least here in Massachusetts there is no excuse for not getting our votes in. If you have already sent in your absentee request, and have returned the ballot, maybe you might help a friend, relative or neighbor to get their votes in. And if you have relatives or friends in other states, get a message to them – urge them to vote – in person, by mail – early or on Tuesday

Meanwhile, since we can not rely on Washington to save the USPS, we need to unite and support it ourselves! How about 10 million of us buying stamps (the major source of revenue for the USPS) but not using them? Spend $10 for a book of stamps and save them. Some are quite beautiful, and you can use them for your holiday cards in December. And until after the election use the USPS for all your packages instead of the various private carriers. Show them the power of our purses$$$!

What if 10 million of us buy a book of stamps to support our USPS?! file photo: R.T.

There is a lot of strength in numbers, and every voice, every vote, counts. Trump and his minions are not yet in power forever – but time is short. I already have two books of stamps – and I send packages by U.S. Mail …



Don’t Crate Your Dog!

By Daphna Nachminovitch

Never crate your best buddy!

If your dog spends hours a day in a crate, I’ll bet you were told it was for his or her own good. But like other archaic “training” methods, we now know better. A study in the journal Physiology & Behavior found that 93% of kenneled police dogs exhibited signs of mental illness, including pacing, spinning, and circling. Your dog is an active, intelligent, highly social individual, not to mention a member of the family and probably your best friend, so it’s time to kick that crate to the curb. Here are five reasons why.

😪1. Crating Is Damaging to a Dog’s Psyche

Putting a dog in a box is a human convenience that does not address the causes of behavioral issues and can actually make them worse – or even cause new ones – according to noted animal behaviorists, including Nicholas Dodman, Ian Dunbar, Warren Eckstein, and Victoria Stilwell. Crated dogs often develop separation anxiety, aggression, depression, hyperactivity, and other disorders.

😪2. It’s Cruel

Dogs fear that they have displeased you when they’re locked away, because being denied freedom of movement is a punishment and they know it. They need mental stimulation and to run, walk, and move around – all of which are impossible while trapped in a cage.

😪3. It’s Unnatural

A crate is not a “den” any more than a monkey is a “research tool.” It’s a cage. Crated dogs can’t do anything but wait and wonder when they’ll finally be set free.

😪4. It’s Confusing

Spending hours in a cage is confusing to dogs. Being forced to soil the crate can make puppies believe that they’re supposed to relieve themselves indoors, instead of outside.

😪5. They May Die in There – Yes, Really!

Frightened dogs can seriously injure themselves trying to escape a crate. If someone breaks into your home – or in the event of a fire, earthquake, or accident – crated dogs are trapped. Stories abound of dogs who were unable to escape coming to a horrible end. Recently, a dog confined to a crate in a basement drowned during a flash flood in Virginia.

Squad Goals – No More Crates!

When US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a video of her crated puppy crying in distress, PETA wrote to her right away to let her know that family members don’t belong in boxes. Locking up a puppy is as cruel and wrong as caging a human child.

Disengage From the Cage

Help your canine companion have a happy, healthy life by providing humane positive-reinforcement training, plenty of exercise, interactive toys, companionship, and a safe, dog-proofed home. If you can’t let your dog out during the day, enlist a trusted friend or neighbor or try a reputable, cage-free doggie daycare. To learn more, visit