Holiday message from WCCA TV 13’s Mauro DePasquale

We have a slogan here at WCCA TV 13: “PUBLIC ACCESS is more than just TV, it’s a community resource.”

The PUBLIC ACCESS mission stands tall with the PEOPLE participating as THE message. PUBLIC ACCESS television is an empowering solution that is most needed today. Here is a brief list partly explaining why:

1.The product of Public Access cablecast and programming is powered by franchise provisions, community partnerships, and donations, and NOT tax dollars, while it is empowering our communities with a profound , tangible and quantifiable impact.

2.In exchange for the humble amount of franchise dollars, Public Access centers return millions of dollars of media services back, each year, into their communities by facilitating valuable and affordable outreach, educational services, and cable and web programming serving a great many organizations as well as information to benefit it’s viewers.

3. Public Access provides educational and experiential learning opportunities serving many that elevate the quality of life for individuals ( who by learning and put into practice new skills and either secure jobs or use it as a stepping stone into higher education ).

4. Public Access television contributes to the local economic development through a free flow information, news, and an open forum applying community dialog which encourages participation, inclusiveness, and nurtures fresh and divergent ideas.

5.Public Access builds bridges and tears down walls as it, in a spirit of good faith, represents and reflects the interest of all who make up our communities, from young to old, rich or poor, a multiplicity of ethnic groups and all walks of life.

6. The voice and interest of the people is the message we facilitate. PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION is the solution. One can not claim to support or represent the interest of the people, a local economy, all things local, or community building without actively and vocally supporting the mission of WCCA TV 13.

Your support, whether it is through a tax deductible donations, participating in our WCCA TV Circle of Friends, or advocacy is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

Thank you,

Mauro DePasquale, executive director
WCCA TV 13 – The People’s Channel, Worcester
“LEARN, CREATE, CONNECT!” – Channeling “community” since 1986