How ironic …

By Rosalie Tirella

The only remaining private colleges in Worcester that refuse to make PILOT payments to the City of Worcester are CATHOLIC colleges! (We can talk about Becker later; their endowment is small and the place still feels like a junior college.)

But “THE CROSS”!? My God! We’re talking Wormtown aristocracy! The one school that every Irish mop top claims as his own? The college that every old school Worcester mover and shaker claims as his alma mater? The place that produced Chris Matthews? The college from which my two cousins graduated – the ones who became doctors and loved to regale us with stories of “THE CROSS.”

Yet this iconic Worcester instution has decided it is OK to take a dump on our poor people – or at least ignore them.

The very opposite of what Catholics are supposed to do. The New Testament is filled with Jesus saying things like: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me!” Or: “The first shall be last and the last shall be first!”

If Jesus were to come down to Worcester in 2010, he’d probably live in District 4 – some hovel that’s only a five-minute drive away from Holy Cross college. He would – I’m certain – be on the side of PILOT proponents. Jesus would want all the disadvantaged kids and families on Canterbury Street or Cambridge Street to be helped – cared for. He would want Holy Cross to make PILOT payments to the City of Worcester!

The exact opposite of what asshole Father McFarland – the president of Holy Cross – has been doing to South Worcester for years. Jesus would never stop throwing up, as Woody Allen had one of his characters say in a movie, if he met the hypocritical Father McFarland. Jesus would be sick that Father McFarland has cloaked himself in arrogance and indifference – all in the name of Jesus!

Assumption College has a relatviely new president, who seems to like the limelight. Let the guy get some favorable press. Let him embrace PILOT. We don’t think he is as small-spirited as Father McFarland.

Assumption College recently built two huge new dorms and a huge science center. I remember the sign leading up to the science center (while it was being built): HUD housing funds were building the science center! HUD! On the city’s west side!? The college had no right getting millions of taxpayer dollars to build a mammoth building that’s practically on the Holden border! HUD money goes to inner-city projects!

Yet they got our $. But Assumption cannot give back to the community. They cannot give Worcester money to keep our beautiful library open on Mondays and Sundays. Because that’s where the money would go. They cannot make small yearly donations that would help us keep inner-city swimming pools open. Pathetic.

Holy Cross college has a multi-million dollar endowment! It dwarfs all the other colleges’ endowments – and yet Holy Cross grasps at their gold coins like … Judas or the Romans.

Yes, Father McFarland, Pontious Pilate would be proud of you.

We all know Jesuits are the cerebral/nerdy wing of the Catholic faith. They are not in touch with the gritty. They want to read and write papers on free will and all that crap. Often times these papers are pointless.

Here’s hoping Worcester’s Catholic colleges do the right thing!

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