I just threw out my leather huaraches


I am really trying to wear 100% cruelty-free clothing, foot wear AND outer wear. (me, last week)

Pretty easy-breezy! You can do the same! Help stop the tortuous deaths of animals in the leather and wool industries!

CLICK HERE to get started!

Also, I’m trying to add more plants to my “Green” Island apartment …


Here’s one of my kitchen windows this morning. Found the big guy, on the left, on the side of the road two years ago. He had four leaves. Now he’s got 13! … Found the bench on which the big guy sits on the side of the road a few weeks ago. It was an ugly rust color; I cleaned it up and painted it blue (of course).

My neighbor gave me the spider plant when it was two inches high and living in a teeny pot. I added other plants to the mix this spring … The big black and white dragon fly courtesy of the OIF.


I need more nature in my inner-city shack!

– pics and text by Rosalie Tirella