If only Ed Augustus were a Republican!

By Rosalie Tirella

Things would be so different over at the Telegram and Gazette’s editorial desk. Chief editorial writer Chris Sinicola would be singing the candidate’s pro- biz, pro-money agenda! The Telegram has always been a Republican rag, out of step with the city it covers.

Now, more than ever, we see the clunky chemistry.

The peeps love Augustus. He’s in the neighborhoods, much like the super hands on Mike O’Brien was. Only he’s not hanging with thr money crowd. He’s talking with firefighters and school teachers and regular folks, folks who may not even own real estate!

Mon Dieu! What’s a used car saleslady like Beth Proko gonna say about this? Four or so years ago the Old Injun Fighter looked at a used truck Beth and hubby wanted to sell him. He said Beth came on to him. Yuck! (The OIF was always a broad-magnet.) And they tried to sell him a used truck that wouldn’t pass inspection. Double yuck! (And ILLEGAL!)

But hey, Proko owns some real estate. That makes her more important than the kids or inner city neighborhoods of Worcester! It makes her more important than a muscular City of Worcester board of health.

It’s all about money, her money, for Beth. Lower taxes for Beth and the T and G. Forget the neighborhoods and making the Woo of tomorrow, our kids of today, healthy and strong. Former city manager Mike O’Brien spent too much time listening to Proko and her ilk. So much so that the federal funds and projects that he took credit for, but were really secured by the good Dems in our state house and in DC, seemed to say I LOVE WOO HOODS. Not so. He loved Woo developers. He had no taste for neighborhood activists. Just like the T and G editorial board, which intimates that district city councilors are intellectually inferior to at large city councilors. A recent T and G editorial says at large councilors have the vision. District councilors whine about potholes. What kind of cocaine has T and G chief editorial writer Sinicola been snorting? We can only guess the kind cut with rat poison.

Ed Augustus is proving himself to be a hit.

The T and G and the biz community want him to be a miss. Cuz they are more into money than helping people. Hence, Beth Proko asks straight out ASK ED IF HE WANTS THE JOB AND … HE REALLY SHOULD NOT TAKE THE JOB BECAUSE SHE WILL THINK LESS OF HIM IF HE DOES. Beth is full of shit.

And the T and G now wants a paper pusher/desk nerd city manager when former city manager Mike O’Brien was the opposite, as in the hoods as you can get. But he was singing a Republican tune.

The T and G thinks the people pushing for a neighborhood-centric city manager are morons. We cannot wait until this stupid rag gets dumped by Mr. Henry and becomes THE WORCESTER TAB.

In the meantime: GO, ED, GO!!!!!!

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