Improve the lives of War Dogs! Please help!

From a “friend”:

As an animal lover, I was outraged when I read this:

Experts estimate that the average War Dog saves 150 soldiers lives during his tenure of service. Currently war dogs are considered equipment provided to their “human” soldier handlers but while their handlers return home to their families these dogs are classified as “Excess Equipment” and left behind like junk.

Unless a dog is adopted as a pet and the adoptive owner pays ALL the expenses to bring the dog home, it will be left behind. PLEASE contact President Obama, Dept. of War, your Congresswoman/man and ask them to change the laws/help these brave animals!


Improve Retired War Dog Adoption!

Retired Military Working Dogs have no “return to home station” benefits even though for the time of their service they are commonly considered “military members.” As it now stands, retired OCONUS (OVERSEAS) MWDs must be transported at adoptive owner’s expense as a pet!

Air Force Major General Mary Kay Hertog explained that adopters must bear the brunt of transport for adopted dogs returning from overseas because, “Once that dog is adopted, it becomes a pet, and therefore loses its MWD status.” The General added, “So it would be fraud, waste and abuse for the DOD to transport that pet.”

Experts estimate that the average MWD saves 150 soldier lives during his tenure of service. This is a laudable feat which should be recognized in an official capacity

Several organizations including US War Dog Association are asking Congress to amend H.R. 5314 (Public Law 106-446, 106th Congress) to include the following three changes:

Provide for authorized DoD Transport of retiring MWDs stationed at permanent OCONUS bases who are adoption suitable or already adopted back to CONUS (continental United States) via military transport.

Grant an official reclassification of current active duty MWD from “Equipment” to “MWD Troop/Soldier”. This change is necessary in order to undergird the reclassification of a retiring MWD from the current “Excess Equipment” to “MWD Veteran” or “Military K9 Veteran.”

Mandate the creation and establishment of a DoD recognized Commendation and Medal for Meritorious MWD Service for Active Duty MWDs.

Let the President, DoD, and Congress know how you feel about this issue!

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