In Green Island! Sign the CBA, Madison Properties🧢 – and fellow Woo Sox⚾ developers!

Hit a Home Run – Sign the CBA!



Last week marked 15 months that the Worcester Community-Labor Coalition (WCLC) has been working to secure a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) for our community.

👏🧢⚾“HIT a HOME RUN, SIGN the CBA!” Press Conference⚾👏🧢

9 a.m – Thursday, October 24

at the Corner of Madison and Washington streets
(123 Washington St), Worcester

We former Green Islanders never got fancy crosswalks with signs, lights, freshly painted lines, orange safety barrels! pics: R.T.

The CBA is a road map to ensure that Worcester’s renaissance is through both community and economic development. Join the WCLC at 9am Thursday 10/24/19 for a press conference at the corner of Madison St and Washington St, (123 Washington St), Worcester, amid the construction as we request that we “Hit a home run, sign the CBA.”

The six-person Worcester Community Labor Coalition negotiating team is in positive negotiations with the City Manager and The Worcester Red Sox. At this press conference we are requesting that Madison Properties come to the negotiating table. We have reason to believe that they will come to the table, but they have not sat down with the WCLC yet. WCLC believes that the community deserves to have a face to face conversation on the CBA with the developer to outline the issues the community seeks to address.

This side of Kelley Square is where we seek social and economic justice!

The Worcester Community Labor Coalition lent its support to the ballpark project through community testimony at numerous City hearings on the subject. Our testimony not only lauded the potential for good economic development that the project could bring but raised the idea of negotiating a Community Benefits Agreement directly with the community to ensure the maximum benefit possible from the project.

The Worcester Community Labor Coalition works to ensure that economic development is community development. Our coalition represents a broad array of labor and community interests in Worcester and Central Massachusetts.

Harding Street

As community groups, religious congregations, businesses, neighborhood associations, labor unions, and their partners we are proud to represent the community’s interests in economic development projects.

This coalition has formed a community benefits agreement supported by over 40 community organizations to ensure that the ballpark and surrounding development center our community in the process.