In honor of George Floyd, Worcester needs to more … + 🍪🎶!

By Rosalie Tirella

In honor of George Floyd, so much needs to be done to make Worcester a more equitable city. For Black, Hispanic people, all folks of color – AND Worcester’s poor, working poor:

☮️ Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus MUST APPOINT A Worcester Police Department Civilian/Public Review board NOW. He and other city officials have been giving lip service to creating such a board FOR YEARS!!

☮️For our Worcester Public Schools – all our schools – especially the all-white-teacher-Flagg Street School: HIRE MORE MINORITY TEACHERS!!!!

☮️Open and transparent City of Worcester hiring practices.

☮️New housing code rule for our city landlords – many absentee. The landlords MUST SUPPLY THEIR APTS WITH WORKING REFRIGERATORS. Not just stoves. The rule was changed years ago by the City. 1/4 of Worcester kids face hunger. Why not try to lessen the pain and. supply POOR RENTERS with refrigerators, so their produce, etc IS EDIBLE. For their kids. Refrigerator STAYS in apt, after renters leave – for the next renters.

☮️RENT CONTROL. Average crappy Worcester apt rent? $1,200-$1,400/ month!! This contributes to the pain, hunger, challenges of the people – thousands! – in our older neighborhoods.

☮️City Manager Ed Augustus MUST support$$ through HUD$ funds: the Green Island Neighborhood Center, South Worcester Neighborhood Center – and reboot THE QUINSIGAMOND VILLAGE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER on Greenwood Street. We need a new site – and more than the Friendly House-run food pantry out of the church. Mostly white poor people live here in the neighborhood now, esp along the main roads.

Q Village!🌸🌸pic: R.T.

☮️Why not reopen a Quinsig Village Neighborhood Center and put in place: a social services advocate, an after-school program, a director on site – at least part-time – a neighborhood crime watch group, a college prep teacher/volunteer. THIS IS NOT THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF OUR PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS ANYMORE. It is a city neighborhood in need of SERVICES. 25 years ago – we had a great neighborhood center here, run by the late great Kathy Sullivan and, before that, the 85+years old, now-ailing Jane Petrella, a big education advocate for ALL CITY kids. Honor them, city officials! Reopen THE Q VILLAGE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER I KNEW AND LOVED years ago!


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