InCity Times and the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

By Rosalie Tirella

Why does Telegram and Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson have a hair across her big hairy butt when it comes to InCity Times?

Amazing! A friend called me about Williamson’s column (yesterday). It seems Williamson – built like a shit out-house and with the personality to match – pretty much implodes everytime she hears the words: InCity Times.

Dianne needs to join a gym, grow her eyebrows back, take up yoga, get a dog, do something – anything – so she doesn’t implode everytime she sees or hears the words: InCity Times. AND she needs to read my newspaper. And she needs to realize this important fact (which she always overlooks): This July I will have been publishing InCity Times for 10 years. 10 years, Dianne! A decade! My paper has been on the stands and shelves and coffee tables and diner booth seats of Worcester/Worcester County for 10 years!

10 years! A decade!

I’ve – we’ve – worked so hard and we have so many dedicated readers – readers who say there’s more local news in InCity Times than in the Telegram and Gazette (true enough!). We have wonderful writers and interns – people in the community who know and love me – folks who have been to my house and vice versa. Parties, rewrite sessions, the good times, the sad times … . These folks have seenit all – been with me for a decade – and we love each other. We are family. They have made my life fun and fullfilling. InCity Times is the love of my life!

Our stories are good – and sometimes outstanding. We have – and continue to – make a real difference in the community. For instance, the PIP as we know it was always “slated” to be closed down for good, but it was only after our writer – Ron O’Clair, a guy who worked across the street from the PIP shelter – began his up-close and personal PIP essays that action was taken. Ron wrote about the poor people and biz folks in several essays that ran in consecutive issues of ICT. The stories were real, they were street, experiences by someone who breathed and saw and smelled the PIP 24/7 (Ron lives and works across the street from the PIP). Ron’s stories (which we posted on our website, too)didn’t blame or denigrate the poor PIP clients. They shone a harsh light on the low-lifes who prey on the PIP people. And I began driving down Charlton Street (PIP location) EVERY DAY for a month or so. I saw guys putting baseball bats into car trunks, for Cripes sake! (I wrote about my experiences, too)

And sure enough, the City, with the prodding of other neighborhood activists – and especially District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller – announced a PIP closing date – sometime this month.

We at InCity TInes were the ones who wrote about Worcester’s lead problem, illegal dumping activities. We were the ones who hammered away at State Rep candidate Joff Smith, helping (we hope) Smith to STAY a Worcester City Councilor. Smith as a state rep would have been a waste. His opponent, the winner, John Mahoney will be great at the job: he’s a good man, a straight shooter. And … he’ll work his butt off. Good luck, Stae Rep. Mahoney!

People – at least the people I run into (Dianne Williamson would probably call them the hoi polloi) LOVE my paper. They shake my hand, clap my shoulder, smile. They love the style – the bluntness, the willingness to take on Worcester’s sacred cows, etc. And when you think of it, there are more hoi polli – regular folks in Worcester – than there are Allen Fletchers, Dianne Williamson and their ilk. That’s why all of Dianne’s bitching can’t kill InCity Times! It’s a city of 170,000 people; a chunk of them love us – and loathe Fletcher and Williamson. And their perspectives. Get used to the fact, Dianne!

Why must Dianne Williamson become livid over the fact that I’ve been critical of any of her pals or causes? Usually they are Worcester’s clique and most Worcesterites hate the clique.

Why does Williamson hate me – a writer who is coming at life from a different angle – with different friends, experiences, neighborhoods to inform her writing?

Why must Dianne be … a fascist?

Why must everyone march in lock step to the tight-ass tune that she and the clique (really only a couple of hundred people) play?

Dianne needs to watch her own fucking rag! Thousands of Telegram and Gazette readers have abandoned her – and her newspaper. They hate it with a passion – or worse yet – they just don’t care anymore. They get their local news on the radio, on TV, in InCity Times, really scores of places. They don’t need – or want – the T & G in their lives.

And finally, how ironic that Williamson should talk about my advertisers when, on the very Telegram and Gazette pages that her story ran, the T & G’s Local Section, there were only 3 – 3! – ads. Three display ads! In the daily newspaper – the paper of record – of the third largest city in New England!!! The second largest city in Massachusetts! Fuck! InCity Times blows the T & G away!

Yeah, there were the obits (most people tell me the read the Telegram and Gazetter FOR the obits – and that’s it), for which folks pay, but hey…

Williamson needs to remember this: She is working in a newsroom with an editorial staff that would have been considerd a skeleton crew just three decades ago. There IS NO local section in the Telegram and Gazette. Really. No local news. There is no real entertainment section. Very little room for art/cooking/etc. And lots of the T & G reporters just don’t deliver the REAL news. Check out the Lew Evangelisids story to the far right of her column! “New Sheriff on the Move” screams the headline. Yet the reader finds out Evangelidis is doing nothing new. The status quo remains (actually a good thing – Guy Glodis was a good sheriff and ran a tight ship and his staff was capable and professional). Yet, somehow the T & G reporter, Lee Hammel, got it wrong and fell for Evangeldidis’s spin! Nothing new or ground breaking is happening – what Lew promised the voters – yet Hammel intimates says that refrom is afoot.

My foot! Evangelidis is a hack pol – nothing more or less.

So let’s get real, Dianne. And take heed from the Bible: you know Jesus’ parable about someone bitching about the speck in someone’s left eye when there is a freakin’ BEAM sticking out of her right one!