InCity Times endorsement: Jim McGovern for Congress!

By Rosalie Tirella

Tuesday, make the world (and Worcester) a better place, please vote for Jim McGovern, one of America’s (in our humble opinion!) best congressmen!

This election cycle incumbent Jim McGovern is up against nutty/racist/cynical Tea Bagger mouthpiece Marty Lamb. Anti- social security, civil rights laws, department of education, etc, etc Lamb makes my blood boil! I damn near wanted to mow him down as I was driving by the DCU Center and Lamb just walked in front of me, arrogant and out of touch – on his way to one of his fake, paid-for-by-the Tea-Party commericals/debates.

“Ugh!” I screeched to my little dog Jett, who is a boon companion and goes everywhere with me. “Pup!” I said, as Jett looked out the car window, “It’s Lamb!”

And then I got depressed about the cynical, racist wave that Lamb and all the other extreme right-wing candidates in America are riding this election cycle. But, I truly believe, their bullshit won’t stick here. Jim McGovern is one of the most well liked politicians in the region. Why? Because he is genuinely nice, modest and probably one of the most effective Congressman in DC. McGovern not only brings in millions of federal dollars for all sorts of Worcester/Worcester County projects, he always votes his conscience.

Let’s get past the millions of federal dollars McGovern has brought to Worcester/Worcester County for our streets, highways and byways, schools and parks. Let’s get beyond the fact that if reelected, McGovern will be one of the most powerful figures in Congress. Let’s put aside the political folks lore that under his political tutelege Tim Murray, Joe O’Brien, Jim Augustus and every other local Democratic bright boy blossomed and bloomed to become … political heavy weights in city and state politics. Which translates to more jobs, dough and projects for Worcester. We have never been a Tim Murray fan, but we have always loved McGovern, his political mentor.

Why? Because for years McGovern has advocated for the hungry and believes that in America no one – absolutley no one – should go hungry. It is because of Jim McGovern that we have SNAP, more school lunches and breakfasts, more summer feeding programs for low-income kids and more poor kids eating more nutritious school breakfasts and lunches.

McGovern is also working to rescue the wonderful Ernest Hemingway house in Cuba, thus preserving the literary legacy of one of America’s greatest novelists – and opening cultural doors to Cuba.

Maybe most important for us/ICT, Jim McGovern is not afraid to say NO to war. He comes from a Catholic tradition where the weak – usually the poor and children and women – are defended. They are never mere cannon fodder/oversights in wars. They are the people whom Jesus had in mind when he preached: “The last shall be first and the first shall be last!” McGovern was one of the first in Washington to decry the Iraq War and the Afghanistan mess. We have always admired McGovern for his votes on the wars and his protests over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have smiled proudly when I watched the TV news to see Jim being led away by police, with other anti-war protesters. While other politicians would worry and ask themselves: Will this affect me back home – make me unelectable? Jim McGovern follows his conscience. Not the latest polls.

It is rare that we get a politician who can both bring home the bacon (important community projects, $$$ and more) and set our souls soaring!

Please re-elect James (Jim) McGovern to Congress!

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