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Spring Rolls!
Recipe and photos by Chef Joey!
Go to your favorite Asian market (I like Meking on main Street across from the YMCA) purchase a package of Rice spring roll wrappers 6 inch – 1 bunch  fresh cilantro, 1 fresh Mango – 1 Bunch fresh Mint – 1 Cucumber one yellow and one red pepper A, a Large carrot and a bag of “Glass” noodles.
Take all these ingredients home – cook the noodles according to the instructions.  In the mean time take the leaves off the cilantro and mint – wash and pat dry.  Julienne the veggies with a mandolin or by hand into small sticks – When the noodles are cooked run under cold water –
Get a bowl of hot water and slip the Spring roll wrapper through the water until wet and starts to bend – no need to soak it – Place a small amount of rice noodles and lay them out towards the bottom of the roll – add the carrots peppers and cucumbers laying them all symmetrically – then sprinkle the cilantro and mint.
Roll the bottom over the mixture and give it half a roll – fold in the sides and roll up completely – Lime the old days when you wrapped a wine bottle with paper.
Set aside and chill for a half hour – cut them into 3 or 4 slices – arrange them on a platter and you have the perfect summer snack or hors d’oeuvre for your party. Grab a dipping sauce while you are there!!!  Enjoy!
The always adorable Chef Joey!