Is the T & G’s opinion page writer/editor – Chris Sinacola – a right-wing toadie?

By Rosalie Tirella

That’s what I asked myself a week or so ago when I saw turned to the Telegram and Gazette’s Op/Ed page and saw the paper’s editorial on Prsident Obama’s trek to Indonesia, etc. It seems Sinacola got his “facts” straight from the Drudge Report and Fox News’s Glenn Beck! He wrote that the president’s trip would cost millions and millions of dollars – a day. He, like Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush and all the other Obama-haters/Tea Baggers went wild with this misinformation. It was all over cable, radio and tv – and apparently the Telegram and Gazette’s editorial page. This is why so many Americans think our president wasn’t born in this country and is not a Christian. The Indonesial trip was just another way for the Obama haters to NOT validate his presidency.

If Sinacola hadn’t ridden on the right wing band wagon and done his homework, he would have learned the president’s trip cost millions of dollars less – roughly the same amount of money spent on any US president for a similar trip abroad.

And no, the president didn’t take one third of US fleet to the countries he was visiting!

I expect the T & G’s opionion pages to be the most conservative pages in the paper – it was always very Republican – and seemed to hate – or at least dismiss – Worcester’s working class for too long. One of its publisher was even responsible for bringing a chapter of the John Birch Society to Worcester.

Another problem: Sinacola chose to run a Tom Foley-bashing T & G op ed piece right before the election. The T & G usually endorses Republican’s and Foley is a Dem. But the paper says its policy is to give all political candidate’s a breather from the mud-slilnging right before election day. It’s clear Sinacola wanted now Sheriff-elect Lew Evangelidis, a Republican, to win. Besides endorsing Lew, Foley was slimed. Foley – rightly – became pissed. As of now, he isn’t speaking to the Telegram and Gazette – even after T & G columnist Dianne Williamson tried to save face for her rag and its op/ed pages by sort of white washing/apologizing for Sinacola’s favoritism. (calling it a kind of oversight – or op/ed pages policy differs from news pages)

Do we really need another Obama hater? Especially when he (Sinacola) is the op/ed page editor of our local daily, supposedly our “paper of record”?

I don’t think so.

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