It’s all over now

By Jack Hoffman

I know the following might piss some of my loyal women readers including my editor and publisher. Hillary you have got to get out of this race now. You are endangering any chance the Democrats might have in recapturing the White House.

In the words of the infamous sportscaster Len Berman, lets roll the video back two weeks before the March 4th elections. The media buzz at that time was, including the words of Billy, was Hillary had to win Ohio and Texas to continue her candidacy. The polls at that time were showing Obama with a high single digit lead in Texas and he was closing in on Hillary’s margin in Ohio. In order to stop the Obama momentum it was decided that a change within the campaign had to be made. So added to the vernacular of the Karl Rove negative political thinking was “kitchen sink politics” throw whatever you can out there and see how it flies.

It first began with a photo of Obama dressed in a native Kenyan outfit, something that is customary that all foreign dignitaries usually wear- the why is obvious- a subliminal message to keep the Muslim rumors alive.

Then came the leaked memo by a staffer to the Canadians that they shouldn’t worry about Obama dumping NAFTA. A direct contradiction to what he was saying or not saying. Samantha Powers a renowned foreign policy expert who has won the Pulitzer Prize for her brilliant book A Problem From Hell, in which she writes that in order to achieve a successful foreign policy one needs to begin with the humanitarian issue. Ms Power’s referred to Hillary as a monster in a Scottish newspaper. The campaign PR experts made sure that the characterization made the front page of just about every tabloid in America. When Obama suggested that Hillary open her tax returns and lists of contributors to Bill’s library out came the comparison of Obama to the hated Ken Starr. So now Obama was faced with the challenge of side tracking his message of togetherness through a passive campaign or head to a negative course. After all the media was hungering for a good old campaign fight. So they began asking does Obama have the toughness to be President? Anyone from Chicago will tell you if you pass the litmus test in Chicago politics you can handle it anywhere.

On the other side the hate mongers of talk radio Rush Limbaugh et al were campaigning for their listeners to go out and vote for Hillary. Smart politics—disrupt the democrats and you weaken them by getting them into the very fight that is now going on. Doing so you use up their money and message time. Also giving the Republicans some good fodder for the November elections. Did it work?

Tu e s d a y night the Clinton team was ecstatic. T h e We d n e s d a y Am headlines were filled with the new comeback kid. She won Ohio in double digits and Texas by 4%— her RI win was silenced by Obama’s win in VT.

There is an old saying about the media is the image more truthful than the reality. Two days later the experts began doing the math with all the proportioned delegate count. Her delegate count didn’t exceed 8.

Wednesday morning after the elections I had a meet up in a congressman’s office and the topic quickly turned to the Hillary win. What I brought up was her statement that she and McCain were more qualified than Obama. Talk about political mistakes she was jumping in bed with the enemy. I can tell you the aides in that one office were really pissed. No doubt reflecting the opinion of that congressman.

Wayne Slater, author of Bush’s Brain, one of the most respected journalists in Texas wrote in The Dallas Morning Star, two days after the results were in, that something went wrong in Texas. In 21 districts that are predominately Republican not a single vote was cast for a Republican. And that’s not counting other districts where this Limbaugh sabotage might have taken place. Slater estimated that Republicans contributed about 8% to Hillary’s total and that less than 2% would ever vote Democratic in a national election.

Just after that Tuesday Hillary had to know the math didn’t work for her. So now she drops the dream ticket of Clinton and Obama. That suggestion could only come from someone who sees the handwriting on the wall. Hillary he is winning.

By this Tuesday it has been revealed just hours before Mississippi was counting that CA in a reconciled delegate count Obama picked up 2 delegates that made him even in delegates in CA. In Ohio the two largest districts in the Cleveland area, big Obama areas, were still counting thousands of mailed in ballots -The Cleveland Plains dealer following up on the Slater investigation believe that in Southern Ohio, that is 65-35 Republican, Hillary won overwhelming. So did the Limbaugh trickster do his job?

Hillary the math is simple with the Obama win in WY and MS he has erased any chance you could possibly have of winning the primary contest.

As of this writing the Texas caucus score went from a toss up to a 38-29 spread for Obama with a total delegate vote of 99-94 in favor of Obama.

The Tuesday evening score with the elected delegates is 1379 to 1230 that’s not counting all the new reconciliations and the total delegates from MS. Obama this week could get another 30. Since Super Tuesday he has a net gain of 40 super delegates.

On Sunday Gerry Ferraro the first women candidate for V President and Hillary fund raiser came out with the stunning statement that can only be compared to one of the more hateful comments that could flow from a Karl Rove,Obama would never be were he is today if he was white, or even a black women. Words can only dignify this outrageous and racist comment. One that Hillary can only regret—regrets my ass she can’t find something harsher to say? The answer is simple Hillary wants the race issue out there

Hillary just lost a substantial black voters in a November election if she can get that far, which is now highly unlikely.

The super delegates do not want to see Chicago 68 again. And that’s what could happen if there is any attempt to fool with the super delegates.

Hillary save whatever credibility you have left and get out now. Maybe you really are that candidate I once could vote for, but always had some misgivings about trusting you. I was willing to overcome my feelings that I might be wrong. I know now what I believed is now reality.