It’s all over

By Jack Hoffman

Three things recently happened that may have put the final nail in the coffin of what was once known as America’s democracy.

It involved a Supreme Court case brought by an obscure conservative political group. The group versus The Federal Election Commission. Ironically, it involved the use of raising corporate money by showing a documentary that highlights Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run. The conservative group believed that the use of corporate money fell within their First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.

The Supreme Court’s majority decision of 5 to 4 is easy to figure out. To quote the majority: “A corporation has the same rights as an individual.”

Wait a sec! Did I miss something in my reading of the First Amendment? A separate entity, yes, but the same rights as an individual?! You have got to be kidding me!!!

OK, so let’s take this for a stretch. The Court never ruled that foreign corporations could have the same rights as American corporations. Excuse me. Are there any more American corporations that are subject to the same taxes as the foreign corporations? How about this one? The Oil Company of Saudi Arabia, The Venezuelan Oil Company.

My conservative friends won’t like that one!

How about Toyota, the embattled Japanese car manufacturer and an electronic manufacturer? I got a good one – Pemex. The Mexican Oil company mostly funded by dirty money through the Bank of Mexico, another washing machine for drug money. All of the former and latter could in fact fund the next US presidential campaign!

Didn’t I use this phrase in my InCity Times column, several issues ago? The United Corporate States or The Corporate States of America. It was in reference to the US government bailing out the failing banks.

Recently, Errole Southers, probably the most qualified appointment for chairman of TSA resigns after having his nomination held up by one senator – Jim De Mint, Republican South Carolina. One senator held up the nomination of one of the better nominations of President Barack Obama. Why? It seems Mr. Southers, a former FBI Special Agent and more, was in favor of unionizing TSA! Mr. De Mint wanted nothing to do with that! I got news for him. The President can, by emergency decree, call off a strike if it’s in the best interests of the US government. One Senator versus a very highly qualified Afro American. And 60 other Senators. One rascist Senator that believes if you feed people like Mr. Southers lots of food you will breed more. Now I may have gotten the quote a wee bit off but you get the point.

Back to the Supreme Court decision. To all my liberal friends who think Congress can change this I say Bull Shit! The Supreme Court ruled on a constitutional issue. And Congress cannot override the Supreme Court’s constitutional ruling. Only by changing the US Constitution can that happen.

On Friday Afternoon Mr. Southers said screw them all and withdrew his name for nomination. Just think – he didn’t even breed horses!

One last fact: In 1960, Congress filibustered 25% of bills brought forth. Since 2009 Congress has filibustered 75% of all bills brought forth by Democrats.

Too bad the Democrats never had a Tom De Lay.

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