It’ll be Martin Luther King Jr. Day soon, Worcester!

By Rosalie Tirella

Martin Luther King Jr. holiday next Monday, January 20. I liked this interview:

In it MLK talks of the early progress … he talks of his boyhood experiences …. Such as: when he was a little kid his two best friends were white boys. At age 6, when MLK was a bit older and went over to their house to play with them, the adults there began to make excuses: No, they aren’t home. No, they can’t come out to play right now. Once a white woman in a department store slapped his face – said he had stepped on her foot (he didn’t). His mother, who was with him at the department store, was upset, went to look for the woman … She was gone.

This interviewer next turns to the bus boycotts. MLK says the bus drivers were often rude to the Black passengers and that often times Blacks would put their bus fare$ into the fare box at the front of the bus and then have to get off the bus and board the bus through the rear door! Or how the first 10 seats on the bus were always reserved for whites, so that even if there were no white people sitting in those front bus seats, Blacks still had to stand. They had to stand over empty seats!

This interview is powerful. Listen – HEAR MLK.

Worcester will have its MLK breakfasts and events this weekend and next Monday – this is GREAT! BUT WHERE ARE WE NOW WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL JUSTICE IN WORCESTER?
City Manager Ed Augustus just made the economic development head of Worcester – Traynor – the creep who allegedly called a black man a f***n ni**er IN THE CITY HALL GARAGE – our TOP CITY OF WORCESTER LAWYER!! Traynor is replacing retiring head city solicitor Moore. There was no public investigation of Traynor’s alleged racial slur – no suspension, nothing – he GOT A PROMOTION! HIS DREAM JOB! … Also, several months ago: City Manager Ed Augustus said he WOULD OPEN UP HIRING PRACTICES IN WORC GOVT. That the city job searches would REALLY be open and that to combat systemic racism, he, the great and noble Ed Augustus, would do the right thing: Providing two job candidates were equal in their job qualifications, Ed would HIRE THE BLACK PERSON – AND NOT the white person or city hall insider. To break down our racist system …

Yeah, right, Ed. You’re so full of it! There are so few Black teachers working in the Worcester Public Schools. So few Black librarians working in the Worcester Public libraries! We get lip service from you and City Leaders – hypocrites who give yourselves and pals the jobs, the economic – and political power – in our city.