By Rosalie Tirella

Jett loves to have fun! photos: R.T.

Jett!!! 15 years old and loving this never ending journey. Jett!!! The tumor was aspirated. Benign. Just adipose tissue. Jett!! He runs as fast and far as Lilac and play-fights her with the zest of a pup! Jett!!! 15 years means you’re geriatric in dog years! And yet when boarded you make pals and run your little heart out! You’re a celebrity at the Worcester Animal Rescue League. I adopted you from WARL almost 15 years ago…you were about eight months old and badly abused by men. You were trucked in from Appalachia. When I called your old Kentucky shelter, they read me your record: “He’s incorrigible.” Wow! Jett! The dog of my heart. My best dog ever – and I’ve had four or five.

Jett at the dog park.

JETT!! Old but still my protector – still willing to get between me and the creepy guy coming at me. And didn’t the creep back down as you BARKED YELPED GROWLED…MADE UNGODLY NOISE. JOYFUL NOISE TO ME!

Rose’s best boy!

Jett!!! Lilac, only 6, and me, 60, are tired, world weary. I have diarrhea…But you, Prince, eat heartily, drink plenty of water, have your normal daily bowel movements just like at home. I watch you poop and I cry! Jett!! My bonnie companion for almost 15 years! My lil’ man hater! My lil’ wild child…so close to the coydogs of the Faulkner novels! They called you a Mountain Feist in Kentucky. I call you my “Baby” and give you kisses on your small forehead, between your brown eye and your blue eye, leaving red lipstick traces on your rough husky fur. Your mom was a mill breeder full-blooded Siberian husky in Appalachia. You’ve got the husky way of vocalizing over every little thing and you’re a drama queen. But you’re fearless, smart, intuitive, high spirited, loyal, fun and loving! Plus you’re still gorgeous: people still ask me, WHAT KIND OF DOG IS THAT? IS IT A HUSKY? A SHIBA?

I say: It’s my Jett!!

To travel this far with a stalwart spirit…to watch Jett greet each sunrise with gusto inspires me. To keep on this road. To find truth in the situation…to look to Jett for unconditional love.

My Jett! My best boy!

Jett enjoying his chewy.