Jim McGovern, Schweikert introduce bipartisan bill to help cancer patients … about last night’s prez debate🇺🇸 … + more

Reps. McGovern, Schweikert Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Cancer Patients and Individuals Affected by Alopecia Areata

Go, Jim!!

Congressmen Jim McGovern and David Schweikert (R-AZ) have introduced H.R. 3332, a bipartisan bill in the House of Representatives to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and individuals affected by Alopecia Areata.

Many private insurance plans already cover wigs for those undergoing treatments that cause hair loss or who are affected by alopecia areata.

This bill would help patients on Medicare pay for wigs that are not currently covered.

“Every cancer patient deserves access to quality healthcare that will help them undergo treatment with the support and dignity they need. For cancer patients who experience hair loss, a wig can mean so much, but is not always covered by their insurance,” Congressman James McGovern said. “This bill will help to change that, and ensure that every cancer patient who loses their hair can afford a wig and undergo treatment with the dignity and respect they deserve. I urge all of my colleagues in Congress to support this important bill.”

“I am pleased to see this bipartisan legislation be introduced to provide necessary resources for Medicare patients experiencing the physical changes of chemotherapy and effects of Alopecia Areata, said Congressman David Schweikert. “This legislation improves Medicare coverage by allowing seniors to have the same access to wigs that are often provided by other insurers following treatment. This is a step in the right direction for how we support our brothers and sisters who bravely fight through extremely difficult situations and I urge my colleagues to support this legislation.”

With no known cause or cure, alopecia areata is an autoimmune skin disease affecting approximately 6.8 million Americans, many of whom are children. Many individuals affected by alopecia areata utilize cranial prosthetics (or wigs) as there are currently few effective treatment options. Unfortunately, these prosthetics can come with a significant out-of-pocket cost for Americans with low or fixed incomes. This is especially burdensome for children, who often require cranial prosthetics for attending school.

McGovern first introduced the bill last year after a meeting with Mary Aframe, who runs the Women’s Image Centers located in Worcester and Leominster, Massachusetts. Aframe said she has heard from many women who are looking for a wig due to hair loss after cancer treatment – specifically breast cancer. Many were on Medicare and struggled to afford a wig, sometimes even choosing different treatment paths to avoid hair loss.

“This bill is so desperately needed. A wig is not only medically necessary as a part of a woman’s physical recovery, but also for the emotional recovery that comes with going through cancer treatment, said Aframe. “Feeling confident in your new skin is paramount to overcoming the challenges and changes women face during cancer diagnosis and treatment.”


On last night’s first Democratic presidential debate

By Rose T.

Why not strike through and speak Spanish to get your point across during a presidential debate? To let the world know where you stand on the migrant issue – to reach an audience you need to reach – even if you mangle a couple of verbs and pronouns along the way? Why not, if you live in the border town of El Paso, as candidate Beto O’Rourke does, tell the world of your experience, make your compassion and policy known? Why not speak your truth to people who need to hear it?

Why not, a la Booker and Castro, speak Spanish, too – let Trump and his base know THAT A MAJORITY MINORITY AMERICA IS COMING. So get ready. Adjust.

The Democratic party IS the future!

This doesn’t mean white working class guys lose what little they have, economically. Robotics and AI have done that – not migrants. Plus: big US corporations’s moves to China and other low-wage places. Close the corporate tax loopholes so these big corporate cheats think twice about leaving America. FREE PUBLIC COLLEGE for all low-income kids and adults so our folks can be properly educated and trained to work in, survive in, the new global economy! Especially are laid-off blue collar guys! Not easy. But everyone needs to adjust. Change is the only thing the world can ever count on! The saying goes! For eons! Cliched but TRUE!!

So instead of mocking presidential contender BETO O’ROURKE …

… embrace what he sees IS ALREADY HERE: a diverse, complicated, wonderful America that needs a new kind of leadership/PRESIDENT. Communication. Out reach. Campaign events and stlyings. It’s all gotta change. To TRUMP UP our fears and prejudices, like Donald T. does every hour of every day, is not the way to go, America. Too reckless and evil. The country fails and flails … Migrant kids die, are kept in vans for 24 hours …
Cages. …

Of course, this is Trump’s intention. His immigration “policy.” INTENTIONAL. To gin up his base. To win re-election.


I want to note: Beto O’Rourke stood his ground last night at the debate, and he did so in a classy, respectful, modest way!!

Beto wasn’t obnoxious and mean like fellow candidate Castro or in-your-face and loud Booker or DeBlasio. Beto didn’t sound or feel like Amy K. or any of the lesser knowns, either – you know, like a politician. He was himself … The exact opposite of a Donald Trump.

Castro or Booker or DeBlasio against Trump in 2020?

It would feel like the same type of jerk trying to cancel himself out. Who’d win if the candidates FELT the same? Trump, of course. He IS the meanest, toughest, lowest.

A Beto O’Rourke on the same debate stage as Trump?

Well then, Americans would have a real choice.

Between men. Between human beings. Between minds, hearts … two ways of being in the world.

It would be:

A runner (Beto) versus a waddler (Trump)

A good husband (Beto) vs a rapist (Trump)

A lover of earth, sea and sky (Beto) versus a hater of all living creatures and their habitats (and that includes people!) – Trump

A slim, sexy, attractive guy who looks great in suits (Beto💖) vs a fat, unattractive guy who should be dead already cuz of his horrendous eating/health habits (Trump)!

A youthful guy (Beto ) vs an old gas bag (Trump)

A uniter vs a divider

Yes, you can be soft spoken and strong, like Beto. Respectful yet forceful … strong.

Beto O’Rourke: he’d be a balm to this country’s exhausted, weary, wary soul. A tonic for emotionally abused America, all of us beaten down souls, thanks to the Trump disaster.

Less anger, less hatred, less braggadocio, less violence and pain. Trump has upped the ante! Beto would calm it all down!

The more voters see of the good Beto, the more they’ll appreciate the difference – they’ll wanna dump the evil Trump in 495 days!

Go, Beto, go!!!