Joellen …

… loves her dog Shayla. She and Shayla live in Worcester’s inner-city where Joellen doesn’t have a big fenced-in yard to exercise Shayla. Still, Shayla is well cared for. Joellen’s got a sweater on her best bud this raw winter day (Monday, March 3) and she walks Shayla every day.

There are so many responsible dog owners in Worcester! So many good folks who don’t have fenced-in yards and want the best for their pooches. So many people who could, like their dogs, use a little TLC – and yes, lots of them live in the ‘hood. The proposed dog park should be happening! Especially for inner-city folks! It should be shiny and new and built by the City of Worcester and paid for by the City of Worcester – just the way tax dollars fund our inner-city swimming pools and our inner-city schools. We have folks who say: Who will pay for this new dog park? Well, the city, of course. We dog owners will pick up after our dogs, but the grass will need to be mowed, the  benches repaired now and then – City DPW and Parks regular maintenance stuff. No biggie. Let’s not kill a great idea, people. A concept whose time has come!      – Rosalie Tirella

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