Joff Smith, “Rick” Rushton and Gary Rosen! Gak!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

Yup! That was my first, true, gut – “visceral,” if you want to get fancy – reaction when I heard that these three guys are most likely going to run for State Rep. Bob Spellane’s seat when he vacates it next year to become a grown up.

While I have always liked City Counilor at Large Gary Rosen, at 64 years old, he’s simply too old to run for this seat. It’s like he’s embarking on a political career when he should be … gardening. It’s strange: Gary dropped out of the Worcester mayoral race last month because he said he wasn’t up to campaigning. Too energy-sapping. Too much work. But he would have done pretty well (won reelection to his city councilor at large seat) if he had just kept his name on the ballot and spent the rest of the fall sorting his sock drawer. But yeesh, Gary, a run for state rep slot? How many people in Paxton know you? How are you gonna reach all these voters? Think of all the Gary-Rosen-for-State-Rep combs you’ll have to pass out!

It just goes to show you: some people are 9 parts ego and 1 part human being.

Frederick “Ric” Rushton – the star of my “dope-o-rama” columns. I was just looking at some paper work and I came across a Rushton quote from a few years back: “Unless lightening strikes our heads … , ” I quote Rushton as saying. Yup. Oratory process is not this guy’s strong suit. Actually, everyday English is a challenge for Rushton who, we hope, doesn’t run for the slot because he’s so dopey.

That leaves us with Worcester City Counilor at Large Joff Smith – not a very bright bulb, either. And as inarticulate as Rushton! But some how, some way this guy will foist himself on Worcester County and blather on and on and on. Where does he get the ridiculous self-confidence? He must think: Hey I’m cute! I’m a sharp dresser! The people will want me! It’s all about packaging to some people – people like Smith. Why can’t we get an intelligent person to run for this seat?

Why cant we SEE SOME NEW FACES? New ideas. New perspectives. God, why do the same old people have to recycle themselves over and over again?

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