Just Joe (O’Brien), mayoral candidate/spoiled little boy

A few days ago, we wrote about Joe O’Brien walking right by us after we had let his puff piece/bio run in my paper, InCity Times. I thought: What a spoiled little boy! This immature guy cannot be our next mayor! Now we hear this: When Joe O’Brien was finishing his stint on the Worcester School Committee he mailed Mayor Konnie Lukes the nastiest letter. Then, for good measure, he sent it to the Worcester school committee clerk – to be “on the record.”

Is this what we need for Wormtown? Can’t we have a REAL grownup as mayor of Worcester? Do we really want the vindictiveness, the pettiness, the snarkiness? I don’t think O’Brien can knit the various factions in this city together. Say what you wanna say, but Mayor Lukes is not a divider – and has tried to work with the L. G. Tim Murray/O’Brien brigade. They haven’t returned her overtures. (Because they’re spoiled, thin-skinned little boys.

– Rosalie Tirella

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