Konnie Lukes is still mayor of Worcester …

By Rosalie Tirella

as far as I can see.


Because after watching this week’s Worcester City Council meeting, I still see the new mayor, Joe O’Brien, doiing or saying anything of interest. He hasn’t offered any intelligent thoughts on anything. I think, at this point, he’s just happy to be able to run the council meeting without fucking up. Like a big kid – happily heading the class while the real teacher (Konnie Lukes) is out of the class.

So, the guy is affable. Big deal! We need Konnie – or at lease her courage, ideas and articulate-ness.

For instance, this week Konnie came up with this: banning plastic bags. That’s right. No plastic bags for shoppers at Price Chopper, Shaw’s etc. Bring/buy a tote to the store. Save the planet.

You would think Mr. progressive (Joe O’Brien) would have seconded that emotion, but O’Brien just sat there, a goofy grin plastered on his puss.

O”brien says he’s for the environment but he can’t make this very progressive stand – a stand made by lots of progressive citites in the US and, of course, all of Europe.

Joe! Plastic bags take eons to decompose in landfills! When they get into our lakes and waterways, they choke/harm wildlife – geese and ducks and swans! It is a no brainer – Wormtown can do without the plastic bags!

But what happened Tuesday nite? Well City Councilor Ric – “Dope-o-rama” Rushton said that we shouldn’t go so far – just wrtie the ordinance encouraging a reduction of bags. He said his dad told him never to deal with generalities, then Rushton, the dope, spit out several. Especially stupid: Rushton’s remark that the totes cost $5, $2. NO, idiot, they cost $1 at most places – $2 if you want to get a bit fancier.

Then City Councilor Kate Toomey – a lady who isn’t very nice to Lukes, ever – got up to diss the idea. She stuck up for dog owners (where would they get their plastic bags to pick up their dogs’ shit? – That’s why they have Pooper Scoopers at every other store in the universe, Kate!) Kate just shit all over Konnie’s idea. Why? Because she wanted to shit all over Konnie!

People will adjust to a plastic bag ban. Worcester will be cleaner. The environment and wildlife will be “healthier.”

But, hey, this is Worcetser. Land of the brain fart. Home of the duped.

Konnie Lukes for mayor! She still has the great ideas and the guts to back them!

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