Kudos to Kamala!!

By Edith Morgan

Edith gardening. pic: R.T.

And finally, we have Kamala!


It was a very lengthy competition, against a bevy of extremely worthy, well-qualified contestants, any of whom was head and shoulders above the swamp creatures that inhabit the opposition, and any one of whom could have stepped into the vice-presidential position without missing a beat.

So it is to Senator Kammalaโ€™s credit that she came out on top amid this great selection of superbly qualified women. I do hope that when she and Joe Biden take the reins, this group will continue to help and support the ticket.

Kamala Harris comes well known to the job: she has already demonstrated her willingness to stand up and fight, her nimbleness with a sharp answer, and her ability to bringing together power players to support causes that need defending. Of course, it is an asset that she is a woman of color and has a record of defending causes always within the law, and for being cool-headed and fearless. She will need all those skills and qualities in the upcoming fight โ€“ and it will be clean and lawful on her side, unlike her opposition.

Already, her competitors have come out in enthusiastic support of her presence on the ticket, and I am sure that is not mere campaign rhetoric. I am also impressed by her history with the Biden family and the obvious warmth with which they all regard one another. It will be great to have people in the White House who have empathy for us, the people, and who respect and uphold the laws that protect us all!

I expect the usual name calling, distortions and outright lies. But both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already shown they can handle this, and the public is getting sick of that sort of vapid stuff. So I hope they will take the high road and be an example to our young and truly drain the swamp that this administration has imported into our democracy.

Best wishes, Ms. Harris!