America, land of morons, fearmongers and whores (and, of course, greedy bastards)

By Rosalie Tirella

America, land of morons, fearmongers and whores.

America, land of money grubbers, land of McMansions, land of bling bling, land of extreme poverty (let’s call it what it is: America’s underclass)

America, land of whores (Paris Hilton, Madonna, Lindsey Lohan). America, land of realty TV shows run amok! Let’s all sit in front of the TV and masturbate to: stupid brides, stupid chefs, stupid carpenters, stupid hairdressers, stupid musicians, stupid twenty soemthings, stupid politicians, stupid mud wrestlers, body flailers, breast beaters, face cutters botox injecters! Let’s watch them on TV! They have their own show!

America, land of countless talentless shows, where “the talent” has zero talent. America, land of TV ooglers and video game slobs, hence, land of the overweight and obese.

Ameica, land of the ugly – people who look ugly in their clothes not because they are poor but because they are soft and lazy and glommed onto their TVs, computers, etc, like flies to shit. I remember the 1970s! Everyone wore tee shirts and jeans and looked sexy and pretty and even beautiful because we were normal weight or thin. (We hiked then and ate normal portions and danced a lot at all kinds of wonderful rock/pop/jazz/folks festivals!)

America, land of the illiterate, land of the proudly stupid (no Jane Eyre for us! Canada and just about every other industrialized nation is ahead of us in math and science, according to all the studies).

America, land of World Wrestling and guns galore and murder, murder, murder.

America, land of Glen Beck and Sarah Palin, two morons and fearmongers who may actually be leading this country!

America, land of cable news, where every moron has an opinion. America, land of ignorance hijacked by fearmongers like Palin and Beck – idiots who are glorified (or demonized – it really is the same thing) on cable news shows, in People Magazine, and Style Magazine and Entertainment Magazine. America, land of magazines (“entertainment”) where everyone has big boobs, platinum hair and chalk-white teeth.

America, land of the morons who try to bring a good president down – Barack Obama – because they are racist. America, land of the racist (just look at the City of Worcester’s teachers, librarians, police officers, etc. – white, white, white. When will things change here in a big and meaningful way? Fuck the tokenism!)

America, land of infotainment.

America, land of WalMart and its Chinese-slave-labor-made goods.

America, land of egocentricity – and all that self-absorption entails. Throw granny in the nursing home! Dump doggie at the animal shelter! No time for the weak, slow or feeble.

Hurry, hurry, hurry! We have to get to … nowhere.

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