Let the newbies in!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

Last election cycle we supported Hilda Ramirez for Worcester School Committee. We thought this super educated, super smart woman would be a boon to the education scene in Worcester. We wrote a cover story on her. We talked to her supporters. Everyone seemed so jazzed about her candidacy. But election day came and went and Worcester voters could not see the light.

This Latina lady, a woman who, like InCity Times, supported district representation on the school committee, needs a good second look courtesy of the Woo voter this November. Please vote for her election day! We need her and more new young voices. We have a majority minority school district. We have challenges and new perspectives to accommodate and to UNDERSTAND.

The Worcester School Committee is filled with folks who are eligible for AARP membership. There are people like Brian O’Connell and John Monfredo who have been on the committee FOREVER. For O’Connell it’s basically been his life for DECADES. Decades!!!! Monfredo has been involved in the schools for almost half a century- starting out as a teacher at the old Lamartine Street School and ending as a school principal at Belmont Community School. After he retired from Belmont, he made the jump to the school committee. He’s been in the public spotlight for almost half a century. John loves the limelight. He needs to know that there are fantastic candidates, candidates not embedded in the community the way he is, who need a chance. When does community service morph into a warped egomania? We wish he, along with O’Connell, would gracefully retire and FUCKING GIVE SOME OTHER CANDIDATE A CHANCE.

Close to a century of Worcester Public Schools between these two guys.We applaud their dedication but new blood is needed. New ideas. New perspectives. New supporters. We need a Hilda Ramirez … How long will it be before she just shakes her head and moves on?

We need Monfredo and O’Connell to take their final bows and have the curtain drop. On them, if necessary!

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