Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

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Let Them Eat Cake, Tony Economou?

By ICT website intern Wonderpoop

I for one have a mistrust of politicians. More so with wannabe politicians.

How does a voter judge a candidate’s character? Character is a relative term. What is good character? What is bad character? One’s deeds are often used as the measure of a man’s character. Does one deed make a man’s character?

For the last two years Worcester voters have had to reconcile themselves with Mayor Joseph O’Brien’s lack of integrity – recanting his 2009 election promise to support residential voters [editor’s note: Wondershit is an extreme tight-wad!]. District 1 voters dealt with 6 years of Joff Smith’s lack of credibility. What’s in store for District 1 this election season?

The people of District 1 [Wondershit’s district] need ask only one question, what’s the character of Anthony J. Economou like? Let’s be clear, it’s not about returning calls or fighting the ALB or mouthing the election paroles, it’s about honesty and credibility.

It’s alleged by the Worcester Foreclosure Team that he used unethical practices in an attempt to force out people living in a foreclosed home. As middleman maybe he just misinterpreted the law. That would be a surprising coincidence from an experienced and licensed Massachusetts real estate broker, certified in all aspects of real estate transactions. Just a simple misunderstanding? Your call.

Where does Tony Economou stand on property taxes [tight-ass/wad Wondershit needs to know]? Well, he maintains he’s undecided, but that depends on who he talks to. Political office candidates allow themselves a lot of flexibility in their positions – like Mayor Joseph O’Brien for example. Regardless of whether Tony Economu is playing the voters, the fact is everything about Tony Economou implies that there is little likelihood that he has the homeowner’s interest in mind.

As a businessman, he has extensive vested interests in Worcester real estate, as manager and agent of the CEO Group LLC, as vice-president of North Worcester Business Association, president and treasurer of Donuts + More, signatory of Erdka LLC, and executor of the Economou family trust, and his affiliation with the nefarious Worcester Citizens for Business as charter member, reknown for its anti-homeowner stance – an array of personal and business relations implying, at least to me, that Tony Economou is not impartial on the question of residential property taxation.

For a district that had to deal with the antics of Joff Smith, Economou portends another bigger nightmare for the voters in District 1.

Nay, for all the homeowners of Worcester.

Let them eat cake Tony?

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