Let’s go for it, Worcester City Council!

From The New York Times. – R. T.

Steal this idea, Worcester!

Washington Push for Higher Minimum Wage for Workers Has Walmart Balking

Walmart is threatening to pull out of up to six planned stores in Washington over an effort by the City Council to force it to pay wages higher than the city minimum.
WASHINGTON — An attempt by the City Council to force profitable chain stores to pay much higher wages than the city’s minimum has infuriated Walmart, which is threatening to pull out of up to six planned stores.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray, who worked hard to lure Walmart, finds himself caught in the middle, and many residents sound less than grateful to lawmakers.

“Those big people in government, they don’t understand my situation,” said Fred Reaves, 45, who is unemployed and said he would gladly take a job at the current city minimum, $8.25.

“Eight-something, it’ll motivate you to start going to work,” Mr. Reaves said as he stood around the Skyland Town Center, a patch of barren asphalt and shuttered stores where Walmart planned to build. “You can start paying some bills. It will help you to come off public assistance.” …

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