By Rosalie Tirella

Please give a listen to this terrific Michael Moore RUMBLE podcast episode (below) on what happened in Michigan (4 dead, many wounded at a school by a mentally ill student – and his parents who were with him every step of the way) and gun violence in America. Extreme gun violence – a uniquely American scourge that Congress won’t do a da* n thing about! Connecticut’s US Senator Murphy is trying to change all that: he’s doing outstanding work for mandatory universal background checks and banning assault rifles from these American shores.

He’s on Moore’s podcast, and remembers the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, in his home state. Murphy tells Moore he saw the horrific crime photos of all those innocent six year old students, first graders, who were hiding in the classroom closet from the gunman, their little bodies, each weighing around 50 pounds. Their bodies, Murphy tells Moore, were liquidized!! Liquidized after rounds and rounds of bullets fired at them at such close range from a military style assault weapon!! Most of the children had to be identified through dental records.

This American madness must end.

I agree with Moore: the parents of the Sandy Hook babies who were brutally murdered at their school on that heartbreaking day in America should share those horrific crime scene photos of their massacred babies with the world! Just like Emmett Louis Till’s mom – who demanded an open casket wake and showed America how her 14-year-old African American son was brutally murdered/ lynched in Mississippi in 1955. The photos ran in newspapers all over the globe. Till was beaten, dragged through a river, testicles cut off, hanged after being accused of offending a white woman. THAT PHOTO OF HIM IN HIS CASKET, HIS FACE SO DISFIGURED AND GORY, CHANGED AMERICA! Brought reality home to millions of white Americans. That photo was a major catalyst for the Civil Rights movement in America. It forced our country, our presidents, our Congress to WAKE UP.


Push US Senator Murphy, all our US senators and congressmen and -women, to beg the Sandy Hook parents to show those photos of their murdered babies to the world! Then we’ll see the gun laws, the universal background checks, the banning of AR’s … and the changes in our mental health care system …