Local activists celebrate unemployment extensions – decry huge expenditures that will hurt economy

US Senators give themselves and other very wealthy a double tax break!

“I am personally relieved the unemployment extensions passed but I am disgusted by the Republican driven give-away of the farm! How do we re-build jobs when all our government money is being spent in ways that CBO and recent history has shown destroy our economy?” said Sharron Tetrault whose own unemployment extension and job future rests in the balance. Ms. Tetrault, an unemployed human services worker, led local efforts to reach Congressman Frank.

Local members of the Grace Team, many of them unemployed themselves, spearheaded efforts in Massachusetts over the last few weeks to ensure unemployment extensions while fighting for long-term job and economic growth. That growth will be stunted by tax break for the very wealthy – a policy impact the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), many economists and the statistics of the last decade have shown to be the reality.

“I don’t know why they take from those who need this money instead they give money to those who have so much they won’t even notice it. We work hard – harder than the very wealthy – having to work and take care of kids and stretch every dollar while they have money to pay for all the unpaid work we have to do on top – it’s ridiculous,” said Christeen Friend, who has herself been facing the end of unemployment. Although the Black Congressional Caucus promised action for those facing their 99 week unemployment benefit cut off, no proposal reached the floor and Ms. Friend has already passed the 99 week cut-off.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of efforts that brought personal stories and realistic economic choices directly to the offices of 8 of our Congresspeople in Massachusetts. We made clear demands that they take leadership to ensure passage of retroactive unemployment extensions while taking all steps necessary to stop the economically destructive tax breaks to the wealthiest,” explained Grace Ross, who helped start the Grace Team of Massachusetts. “Unfortunately, with this mostly destructive legislation, we are looking at more options for action and will be expecting bolder leadership from our Congresspeople in the future. Massachusetts being down hundreds of thousands of jobs is simply unacceptable.”

“I am very proud that McGovern, especially, answered our call leading up efforts to try to stop the huge revenue losses from cuts in the estate tax – billions given away today which will hurt us for many years to come. All MA Congresspeople supported this effort although 2 did not have the strength of their convictions to oppose the overall bill. We could have gotten the unemployment extensions without damaging to our jobs future,” Said Chris Horton, Democratic activist and retired teacher from Worcester.


McGovern’s Speech and source for Congressional Budget Office statistic:


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