Look what Wondershit has done to his website!

From the editor:
Here is what Wondershit’s website looks like now. In 2007 and 2008, when he probably posted more clues as to who he is, we got posts like this (go back and see for yourself!) – but with pics … .  Not with black boxes (today’s version). He obviously took down art and replaced it with these ugly things (see above and below). He’s obviously gone over his entire site and made it look like this in so many places … .
He took photos/pics down in other places on his website – all over – actually. (Because of us!)
What a coward.
– R. Tirella
Here’s his post
By Wondershit
“We’re both books buffs. Under the bed, in the kitchen cabinets, and in my car. Ya never know where you’ll get stuck. Since living in Worcester we’ve made numerous forays into the shelves of … looking for books of interest. Me, history. She, English literature. Better said, anything that catches her fancy.

I don’t know that much about the history of the business, except to say the store has been around for over 20 years. A friend told me that the owner bought the old Ephraims Book Store on Front St. after he died and opened Ben Franklin Bookstore. And as a kid, spending hours searching for Science Fiction – Asimov and Bradbury – and finding it in abundance, even before the genre was fashionable.

Now if they only had big comfy chairs, a wood stove for warming one’s feet, and a bottomless cup of Earl Grey.

Oh, bring your own cat for warmth in case the heat is out.

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