Main South: Clark U. to host “The Past, Present and Future of the Rohingya Crisis”

Clark University’s Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is hosting a panel discussion, “The Past, Present and Future of the Rohingya Crisis,” …

at 4 p.m., Thursday, September 20 …

… in Jefferson Academic Center, Room 320 on the Clark University campus, 950 Main St.

FREE and open to the public.

rohingya crisis
More than 900,000 Rohingya have taken refuge in Bangladesh after a series of attacks by the armed forces of Burma/Myanmar and Buddhist nationalists.

Their plight is the fastest growing humanitarian emergency in the world.

Clark guests will explore such questions as, Who are the Rohingya, and why do so many people in Burma/Myanmar regard them as a threat to the nation?

Panelists will present the historic roots of the contemporary crisis, which the UN has called a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing;” …

… outline the broader political and military context in which the forced migration is occurring; and evaluate proposed solutions.

Expert panelists include:

Tun Khin, (@tunkhin80) president, Burmese Rohingya Organization (UK),

John Knaus, associate director for Asia, National Endowment for Democracy,

Debbie Stothard, director of Altseam-Burma and secretary general of the International Federation for Human Rights, and

Matt Wells (@mattfwells), senior crisis adviser, Amnesty International.

The event is sponsored by Judith T. ’75 and Lawrence S. ‘76 Bohn; the Departments of Asian Studies, Peace Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, International Development and Social Change; International Development, Community and Environment; STAND (the student-led movement to end mass atrocities); the Political Science Department through the Chester Bland Fund; and the Department of Asian Studies at the College of the Holy Cross.


Also happening in the neighborhood:

Worcester Earn-A-Bike is hosting Vie Cycle of Austin, Texas, to hold a Two-Day Bicycle Maintenance Workshop for Women+

September 16 & 19, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Learn about wheels, chains, fixing flats, adjusting brakes and general maintenance while connecting with fellow bike riders and demystifying the bicycle!

Vie Cycle was founded as the result of ten years of bike love, education and advocacy. The principal behind Vie Cycle (pronounced /vee/ like the French word for “life) is that women+ and bikes were made for each other. Women’s liberation is rolled up in the invention of the bicycle. We live the lives that we do as a result of bicycles. Vie Cycle’s goal is to promote a life cycle rotating from bikes to education & empowerment which result in sustainability & self-reliance. When you feel better, you bike more, you share your knowledge and you keep improving about your skills. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Sign up at

Tuition is $60.00, however no-questions-asked financial assistance is available to anyone interested in attending (Contact Worcester Earn-A-Bike at 508-614-9322 or email