Main South: MLK, Jr., event at Clark U

Clark University to host panel discussion on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Clark University will host a panel discussion …

“Living the Revolution through Day to Day Struggle”

Monday, January 19

3 pm, in Tilton Hall, 2nd floor, Higgins University Center

950 Main St.

The Clark campus will come together to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., and the thousands of others who agitated on behalf of equal rights and justice during the 1960s and beyond, and to consider the urgent need for the sorts of social, political, and economic changes that have galvanized the nation toward mass mobilization these past few months.

The following individuals will participate in the event:

•Lakiyra ‘Oompa’ Williams, manager of student services at Breakthrough Greater (Boston) in Roxbury, Massachusetts;

•Steve O’Neil, organizer with Worcester-based E.P.O.C.H., an organization that advocates for the rights of incarcerated persons;

•Shara Smith, coordinator and movement director for the national organization Move to Amend;

•David Minasian, organizer/business representative for the New England Carpenters’ Union based in Worcester at Carpenters Local 107.

The discussion will address questions such as:

•What role should white activists play in the movement for racial justice?

•Do youth voices matter?

•How should institutions such as Clark respond to these issues?

•Is there a place for violence in social and political movements?

•How does the individual activist effectively challenge structural inequality?

The event is free and open to the public.